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National Day travel peak to scenic spot ready?

Date: 2019-09-29

Every year's "11" long holiday is the peak.Tour this year coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, the fusion and the state council general office recently issued "about further stimulate the opinions of the culture and tourism consumption potential," the big background, is expected to bring about greater tourism boom.Recently, there are institutions, issued the 2019 National Day travel trend forecast report, according to "11" golden week this year, domestic travel heat significantly more than the same period last year, the reception of domestic tourists is expected to total 800 million visitors.

Around scenic area in front of the large number of tourists arriving at, how to actively deal with, in the standard management, to ensure the safety of visitors, improving visitors travel experience introduced new initiatives?For this, this newspaper has chosen zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic area of hunan province, jiangxi province, it jinggangshan scenic tourist area, sichuan nanchong city LangZhong, xinzhou city, Shanxi Province, wutai mountain scenic area, handan city, hebei province expansions of the palace, the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, guilin xiufeng alone city scenic area, the six 5 a grade scenic spot to visit.

Should have tips in travel peak

Wulingyuan 1 prolong scenic spot open, open at half past six every morning and evening to the last visitors out of the garden, make an appointment to visit huanglong scenic area will open night;2 a peak travel, according to the real-time monitoring, reasonable regulation of passenger flow, the substation time-sharing peak visit;3 increasing traffic capacity, 351 eco-cars into full time operation of scenic spots, cableway, elevators, small trains are all-weather operation, such as tourist transport place to strengthen the scene order maintenance.

1 for ticketing entrance guard system upgrade of the jinggang mountains, with the method of online ticketing brush face into the garden, alleviate the pressure of the scenic spot ticket window, into the garden channel;2 in the peak passenger flow implement effective monitoring to visitors, shunt and channel, when it is necessary to take mistake, control measures, such as in the park in the park from a crowded stampede;3 organization volunteers at various scenic spots and tourist distributing center, offers visitors a day civilization persuasion, road guide, travel consultation, emergency rescue and other services.

LangZhong city 1 key line temporary control, one-way, add several measures, such as temporary parking in downtown highway entrances and exits, the main access point setting, scenic spots inward and outward sign, using China telecom, China mobile platform release SMS traffic safety tips, provide timely scenic spot for tourists weather and traffic condition information;2 in advance in a complete coverage of the scenic spot to carry out emergency evacuation, prevent trample, such as drills, formulate the trample prevention plan casualty emergency plans and other relevant contingency plans.

More measures to ensure the safety of tourists

Wutai mountain to eliminate problems food into the market, the scenic area comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, administration of market supervision and other relevant departments to focus around the food market supply, the implementation of food safety situation to carry on the special inspection, the whole view about the hotel, supermarket food supply, purchase tickets, further strengthen the special holiday of sell like hot cakes products focus on food, the effective guarantee of tourists "security" on the tip of the tongue.

Wulingyuan set tourism, travel speed and cutting court prosecution window, issuing tourist complaints hotline;For fire protection, special equipment, the scenic spot tourism channel, fence, dangerous rock body, highway, cableway, environmental protection car, elevator, cruise ships, star hotel facilities, such as vehicle and to conduct a comprehensive in-depth screening of food hygiene, eliminate safety hidden danger in time.

Xiufeng alone, metropolis for merchants, involved in the food and diet requires business licenses, complete quality and pay deposit and commitments;Set up a first aid team and logistics group, in order to timely deal with various emergencies;Introduce the working mechanism of "supervisory inspector", in view of the various departments to focus on the supervision and inspection, the key about whether handle tourist complaints in a timely manner, in place, tourists are satisfied to carry on the special inspection, rational appeal of related departments and staff disregard for tourists, takes office does not reach the designated position, and to accept the indemnification conduct serious accountability;Published tourist complaints hotline.