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Some tips for hotel guest room design and decoration

Date: 2020-09-22

Good hotel room decoration not only upgrades the hotel’s quality, but also affects the hotel’s service quality and business. It was said before that the decoration of the hotel is to make guests feel at home. Let's talk about a few tips for decorating hotel rooms.

Hotel decoration design standards
The first is the placement of the beds, the bed in the room and the bathroom door are no less than 2 meters, which is not only comfortable, but also convenient for the daily cleaning of the waiter. When designing the floor, you should choose durable or even fireproof decorative materials, especially carpets, and don't use light or solid colors. The lighting design is best to control each button, rather than the old touch electronic control panel. This is also the embodiment of our decorative design taste and attention to detail design.

Hotel room allocation
      Single rooms are single rooms. General facilities include single beds, bedside tables, multi-purpose tables, luggage racks, two lounge chairs, a coffee table, a wardrobe and bathroom fixed at the entrance. Reasonable use of these elements to design space is a difficult point. Standard rooms are also called twin rooms. Among the various rooms, this is the most room suitable for two guests and couples. As for other room types, it needs to be decided according to market conditions and hotel positioning, so I won’t repeat them here.
Hotel design style

      Different cities in different countries have different market needs and living habits, and their design styles are also different. In addition to incorporating standard humanized functions into human design, designers must also understand market needs. We must strive for a comprehensive design that makes people feel warm and comfortable.
      Chinese-style hotel decoration design style is in the design style of the hotel, combined with local culture, including hotel decoration materials, furniture, lighting, art, folk carvings, patterns, etc. The integrated system of various materials makes the hotel a function and ornamental value High hotel.
The decoration design style of a modern hotel, no matter what type of hotel it is, should conform to the positioning and type of your hotel. For example, resort hotels should emphasize the characteristics of relaxation and leisure, while the business atmosphere of business hotels should be more concentrated. Moreover, the decoration and decoration design of the hotel should be suitable for the management and management of the hotel, and must also conform to the market positioning of the hotel.

Design to be human
     For example, there are computers in some hotel rooms, so the network design should also be humane and considerate. The socket of the network line should not be far away from the desk, and the long cable is not so elegant. The TV and TV background wall are also the focus of room decoration, you can refer to the next home decoration design. A rotatable partition is set on the ordinary TV stand, which is convenient for guests to adjust the angle of the TV when watching TV on the sofa. Finally, you must be careful when choosing a bedside lamp in your guest room. It is best not only to prevent glare, but also to be durable.
Of course, there are still many techniques and points for hotel design and decoration. Most people only need to get a general understanding, and the specific work is still entrusted to professional personnel and teams. If you want to get more information about the hotel, you can check it out on the official website of Hongzhuan Design. You can directly inquire about hotel design by private message.